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Taylor Gray is 20  and is currently studying business at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. He discovered his talent for photography at age 14 during a two week backpacking trip in the Colorado Rockies. From there, he taught himself photography and started exploring the San Francisco area and beyond. In three short years, Taylor has had the opportunity to travel to several states and countries, beautifully documenting the wide and varied landscapes in each place. After building quite a following on social media, Taylor is frequently asked to sell his prints and license his photos and videos. He is a passionate photographer with the goal of making a career out of it. You can see more of Taylor’s work on his Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook pages.

Artist Statement

Thank you for visiting my website! I was fortunate enough to realize at the young age of fourteen that photography was my biggest passion and an awesome outlet that allowed me to express my creativity. I am an avid hiker/backpacker and enjoy discovering new landscapes to photograph in nature. The Wilderness is also big part of who I am and is where a lot of my work stems from. It was here that I first discovered my love for the craft and is a place that I will always come back to for inspiration. I am self-taught and gained most of my knowledge on how to use a DSLR camera through various websites and YouTube tutorials. I hope you enjoy my photos. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in buying any of my photos, have any questions, or simply to just say hello!

All the best,


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